Maximize Density, Minimize Downtime

While data creation is growing exponentially, IT teams and budgets are not. As a high-performing, self-healing block storage system, Exos® CORVAULT™ stores and transacts data with hyperscale efficiency—enabling more time for resource-stretched IT teams. Purpose-built for handling massive inventories, Exos CORVAULT brings a powerful solution to enterprise-level data centers without compromising security, uptime, or affordability. 


Ease Maintenance with Self-Healing Drives

Leveraging advanced self-healing technology called Autonomous Drive

Regeneration (ADR), Exos CORVAULT plays hero for resource-stretched IT teams by doing what no other system does—renewing errant drives on the spot, on its own.

The result? 

  • Less e-waste
  • Less downtime 
  • Fewer manual drive swaps  
  • Reduce administrative costs


Achieve Prime Performance Speeds

With 99.999% availability, the Exos CORVAULT storage system delivers powerful performance so you can do what you need to do with media assets, when you need to do it.

  • 12Gb HD-Mini SAS interface, sequential read/write up to 12GB/s Read and 10GB/s Write.
  • Seagate ADAPT erasure coding utilizes highly efficient declustered parity to span all drives in the pool for less capacity overhead, better performance, and fast rebuilds.
  • Fully redundant, hot-swappable, active-active dual VelosCT™ ASIC-based controllers for high availability, compatibility, and predictable performance at a much lower cost than alternative solutions


Increase Storage Capacity, Not Space 

Thanks to breakthrough density and intelligent design, Exos CORVAULT helps you make the most of your data center’s physical space. 

  • Over 2 petabytes of storage. 
  • Lower your power cost per petabyte with the highest capacity drives and enclosures 



Bring Maximum Security Without Overhead

Rest easy knowing all your content is always safe.  

  • All included hard drives come standard with Seagate Secure™ self-encrypting drive (SED) technology and secure firmware updates.  
  • Exos CORVAULT supports full system encryption and instant secure erase. 


Elevate Your Data Centre Storage

Optimises data centre capabilities with multi-petabyte storage and reduces the carbon footprint, e-waste and TCO. 



Discover the Perfect Solution for Your Data Centre Needs

Exos CORVAULT is a high-performing, efficient, durable multi-petabyte capacity block storage system that is self-healing and brings five-nines availability to scale out storage for data centre deployments.

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