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Ubiquiti Revolutionizes Connectivity with New UniFi Wi-Fi 7 Access Points

June 21, 2024


Ubiquiti Revolutionizes Connectivity with New UniFi Wi-Fi 7 Access Points

Ubiquiti, a global leader in networking technology, has unveiled its latest advancements in Wi-Fi 7 technology with the launch of three new Access Points (APs) under the UniFi 7 series. These state-of-the-art APs – U7 Pro Max, U7 Pro Wall, and U7 Outdoor – are set to redefine connectivity and performance, catering to diverse environments and applications.


U7 Pro Max: Unmatched Performance and Real-Time Spectral Analysis

The U7 Pro Max is an 8-stream Wi-Fi 7 AP, equipped with a 4x4 MIMO 5 GHz radio that ensures extended range and superior connectivity. What sets the U7 Pro Max apart is its dedicated spectral engine, capable of continuous background packet and spectrum capture. This powerful engine provides real-time spectral analysis, with the upcoming NEXT AI continuous packet capture capabilities promising to push the boundaries of network monitoring and management.
Key Features

  • 8-Stream WiFi 7
  • Tri-Radio 2.4 / 5 / 6 GHz
  • Dedicated Spectral Engine
  • 160 m² (1,750 ft²) Coverage
  • 500+ Connected Devices


U7 Pro Wall: Innovative Design for Seamless Integration

Introducing the first design in a new series tailored for wall-mount applications, the UniFi 7 Pro Wall offers six-stream Wi-Fi 7 technology combined with excellent antenna performance. This AP is an excellent alternative to traditional ceiling-mounted units, designed for seamless integration into any environment. The U7 Pro Wall can be mounted at any height, recessed, and even painted to match its surroundings, making it ideal for home builders and those seeking versatile installation options.

Key Features

  • 6-Stream WiFi 7
  • Tri-Radio 2.4 / 5 / 6 GHz
  • 140 m² (1500 0 ft²) Coverage
  • 300+ Connected Devices


U7 Outdoor: Rugged Design for Optimal Outdoor Performance

The U7 Outdoor marks Ubiquiti's first foray into outdoor Wi-Fi 7 technology. Featuring a rugged industrial design and an integrated directional super antenna, this AP delivers exceptional outdoor coverage and performance. Additionally, the U7 Outdoor comes with optional omni antennas that can be activated via software for more balanced coverage, making it adaptable to various outdoor settings and requirements.

Key Features

  • Long-Range Coverage
  • Software-Adjustable Antenna Beamwidth
  • Weatherproof (Outdoor Exposed)
  • 200+ Connected Devices


These new APs underscore Ubiquiti's commitment to innovation and excellence, providing users with unparalleled performance and flexibility to build the world's best Wi-Fi 7 experience.

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